Byblos International Festival- Lebanon

Byblos International Festival attracts tourists from all over the world. Built on the old port extension, the Grandstands structure towers the sea from the height of 16 meters for a panoramic view of the archaeological site, the harbor and the old town.
Boosting tourism in the region, the festival and its 5,000 seated audience spread music and art around the town and to the world.

Beiteddine International Festival - Lebanon

Beiteddine Art Festival is one of the finest festivals in the Middle East and features world’s greatest artists. It is held in the 200-year-old Palace in Beiteddine.
A jewel of Lebanese architecture with its courtyards, elegant arcades and leveled galleries.
In the midst of such magical set, in the external courtyard, every summer, around 50 000 spectators gather to attend the spectacular performances from International and local artists. The grandstand structure seating 5,000 viewers blends into the panoramic beauty of the historic monument and rises majestically to enchant in its charm and  history.

Jordan Festival - Jordan

Jordan Festival, is Quenn Rania’s initiative that took place in summer 2010, in the fascinating site of the Citadel.
Towering above the beautiful downtown Amman, the Citadel is an extraordinary historic site that prospered for centuries as one empire gave rise to the next. And more extraordinary was the erect grandstand structure providing panoramic views of the stage and the citadel making the show experience unique in its set-up and beauty.

Beirut Holidays - Lebanon

BEIRUT HOLIDAYS is a series of concerts and shows in the heart of Beirut Souks.
Launched in 2012, the festival brings together diverse musical performances and talents, local artists and international performers, from East and West, mixing varying genres and tastes.
Beirut Holidays aims to become a recurrent and leading festival featuring Beirut as a destination for entertainment, arts and culture.